Your survey is ready.
And what about participants?

PollPool gives you access to survey participants for empirical research. Easy, fast and for free!

Your survey is ready.
But how to find participants?

PollPool gives you access to survey participants.
Easy, fast and free of charge!


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Answer surveys from others


Get survey participants

You have created your online survey for empirical research.

And now?

Use PollPool as fast and convenient way to get survey participants for your empirical research project.

PollPool gives you free access to hundreds of survey participants for your online survey.

Find survey participants for free

PollPool is 100% free for online surveys.

Find survey participants fast

Have your survey completed within a few weeks.

Simply share the link to your survey

It will only take 30 seconds to get your survey on PollPool.

You determine the survey speed

You are in charge of your survey, not your participants.

The PollPool-Promise:

Support others with their empirical research and get participants for your own online survey in response!


Get survey participants for every answer you give.


You will get back exactly the amount of time you invest.


PollPool evaluates each survey according to its length.

We already support students from hundreds of universities with their research projects for their bachelor or master thesis.

Thousands of satisfied students already use PollPool for online surveys and their empirical research.

And you?


Bocconi University

"PollPool's fellows system was super useful to get survey participants for my thesis! My friends participated in surveys on my behalf - and I received answers to my own survey without having to do anything!"


Mannheim University

"I had shared my online survey in various Facebook groups, but after two weeks I was still far from my target sample. Then a friend referred me to PollPool and within a few days I had my online survey completed."

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Do you need survey participants for empirical research as part of your bachelor or master thesis, or product feedback? PollPool gives you access to the survey participant pool you require. Fast, easy and free of charge!

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