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What are the benefits of creating a survey on PollPool?
What does "Intro" and "Outro" mean?
PollPool makes survey creating as effortlessly and secure as possible by pre-populating some of your survey pages
Response Quality Control
PoolPool’s key priority is to provide you with the highest data quality possible. We do this through several automatically included quality assurance measures on our platform.
Yes, I want to take advantage of PollPool’s quality control measures for my research project.
Will responses from external participants be controlled for as well?
PollPool’s quality assurance measures only account for responses collected from PollPool users. External answers are therefore not controlled.
Demographic targeting
We will match your criteria against our community and show your survey to suitable users only.
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Additional criteria (Please note that PollPool cannot control these and that your target group will be smaller)
Should I define a target group?
Excessive targeting decreases the number of potential participants. We therefore suggest to apply this function with caution.
Can I share my survey on PollPool and externally simultaneously?
How do I earn PollCoins?
What are PollCoins?
Yes. You will start receiving PollPool responses once you have enough PollCoins. You can share the survey with other people at the same time
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Your survey is directly eligible andready to receive responses from PollPool participants
My survey will be eligible to receive PollPool responses
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You can also collect responses from other people. Neither the PollPool quality control nor targeting criteria can be applied for these responses.

You find the link to forward to your audience on your dashboard after publishing the survey