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The higher your status, the higher is your survey rank on the survey list and the faster you get participants.
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Starter: Astronaut
+5% PollCoins
You get the highest status as a freebie until receiving your first answer!
1st Status: Owl
+1% PollCoins
Everyone starts out as an ugly bird – hurry to your next status!
2nd Status: Panda
+2% PollCoins
That’s a first step! Pandas are cute – but is this all you aim for?
3rd Status: Bear
+3% PollCoins
Bears roar and scare off the little ones – but its only a milestone for bigger things
4th Status: Elephant
+4% PollCoins
Impressive stuff – only few in the wilderness match your power!
5th Status: Lion
+5% PollCoins
You have reached the highest possible status and are now the king of the jungle!