Earn PollCoins
Answer surveys
The number of PollCoins earned depends on the length of the survey answered.
Refer new users
You receive up to 10.000 Pollcoins* for every new user you refer* to PollPool.
Purchase PollCoins
If you need PollCoins quickly, you can purchase some via PayPal.
Redeem Vouchers
If you have a PollCoin voucher, you can redeem it here.
Spread the word
Receive 500 PollCoins for liking & 1000 PollCoins for sharing our FB Page.
Loading PollCoins
Your current credit balance
You need PollCoins to keep your survey online and to get participants. For each survey participation, PollCoins will be deducted from your balance.
How can I invite friends?
How do I get PollCoins for referring new users?
Just enter their email address in the form to send them an invitation.